8 February 2023

District 10 Department of Texas

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Annual Post Data Report

The Annual Post Data Report should be arriving at each post sometime this month. This report is pre-filled with information that National has on file regarding each post from previous submissions and is sent to the Department who in turn forwards it to each post for any necessary corrections or updates. The report needs to be completed and returned to the Department by April 15, 2020. Failure to meet this deadline may cause the 2021 renewal notices to be mailed with incorrect information. Much of this information is also extracted by the Department and is used for inclusion in the “Blue Book”. 

Each post commander and post adjutant should ensure this report is completed and returned by the deadline with the correct post information. Numerous posts within the division did not return last year’s form causing incorrect information to be on file for the post at National and Department. The information included on the form is listed below:

1.    Post’s physical address.
2.    Post’s mailing address.
3.    Post dues mailing address.
4.    Current annual dues. Any change will be effective 7/1/2020.
5.    Post telephone number.
6.    Post fax number.
7.    Post email address.
8.    Post internet website.
9.    Post meeting location, day, and time.
10.  Check box if your post sponsors an American Legion Riders Chapter.

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