8 February 2023

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Illegal Immigration

The American Legion supports manageable, legal immigration. By multiple resolutions that determine policy, the Legion adamantly opposes illegal immigration, amnesty for those who illegally enter the United States, and ineffective measures to prevent illegal border-crossing, particularly during a time of war. The Legion’s strategy to combat illegal immigration calls for strong border security, including physical barriers and high-tech surveillance methods; the elimination of economic and social-services benefits for illegal
immigrants; employer sanctions against those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants; and the enforcement of existing immigration laws. The Legion also supports new laws that deny illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, establish parameters for non-criminal deportation, and designate English as the official language of the U.S. government. The Legion’s position on illegal immigration seeks the elimination of the visa lottery program, the creation of new visa categories for temporary agricultural workers to replace those working illegally, and the authority to track foreign visitors, to include college students, press, and members of any foreign diplomatic corps. Illegal immigration stands as one of the most serious problems facing America, with as many as 20 million illegal immigrants inside our borders and billions of dollars spent providing social services, education, and jobs for them. The American Legion supports the law on this matter and strongly urges the U.S.
government to enforce it. Providing assistance and instruction to immigrants following the legal path to U.S. citizenship has been a long-standing and proud tradition upheld by The American Legion since its founding in 1919. Helping legal immigrants prepare for their naturalization test and assimilation into American society is in the best interest of our nation. For decades, many Legionnaires and Legion posts throughout the country have hosted naturalization-orientation sessions to help teach proficiency of the English language and lessons in U.S. history and civics.

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