8 February 2023

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Community Service

Through the initiative of its posts, The American Legion consistently contributes to the nation’s quality of life through a variety of programs and endeavors to make American communities better places in which to live. Responding to specific local needs, American Legion posts will be found placing special emphasis on the organization of safety-first campaigns, the elimination of fire hazards, the establishment of playgrounds, ..the building of living memorials, etc.

The most recent American Legion activities report (55 percent of the posts reporting) shows that in one year’s time the value of community service activities by American Legion posts topped $6.6 million. Here are some other results that have been taken from the most recent report as of August 20.

Hours giving to Community Service3,817,878
Cash aid given to needy children$3,121,454
Goods given to children & youth$2,304,390
Volunteer hours at VA Hospitals (VAVS)996,804
Cash contributions to VAVS$2,224,286
Pints of blood given84,073
Rehabilitation cases handled$141,149
Cost of community service$6,627,119
Cost of scholarships given$4,396,835
United Fund$241,851
Red Cross$335,834
Cancer Research$696,291
Handicapped children$408,840
All other charities$9,454,515
Contributions to other charities and causes
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