8 February 2023

District 10 Department of Texas

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Elections in the Department of Texas

Status of elections in the Department of Texas:

Post elections:  According to the advice from the Department Judge Advocate:

It is my opinion that due to the emergency, elections can be held at the earliest time meetings of 50 people can be held and that all members in good standing be given at least 15 days notice. The notice should include the fact that all nominations will be made from the floor.

Dan Corbin
State Judge Advocate

I encourage all posts to hold their elections prior to July 1st.  Elections are to be conducted according to the post’s CB&L’s.  Virtual voting is required to be authorized in your CB&L’s to use this process.  Some posts are utilizing the method as they call it – Drive by voting.  The member is provided a written ballot with the candidate names listed and the member completes the ballot before driving away.  The ballots are then counted at the end of the night and the elected officers are announced.  Please contact me with any questions you may have by email and I will contact the Department Judge Advocate for a proper determination.  The post will complete the officer’s certification form and forward to Department.

Division and District Commanders:

Section 8.  Commencement of Term of Office.  All Department officers including the newly elected members of the Department Executive Committee, shall assume their respective duties at the time of adjournment of the Department Convention, except the National executive Committeemen and Alternate national Executive Committeeman, whose two-year term shall commence immediately upon the adjournment of the National Convention next ensuing after their election and shall end at the adjournment of the second next succeeding annual convention.

This means that no newly elected officer (whether before or after the ‘cancelled’ Department Convention) would take office until the adjournment of the 2021 Department Convention.

With this interpretation of the CB&L’s from the Department Judge Advocate, all division commanders and even numbered district commanders that wish to step down and have their vice commander installed will need to submit a letter of resignation to Department.  This must be completed by July 1st so the proper information can be provided for the Blue book. 

Thank you for your service,

Jeff Perkins
State Commander
Department of Texas

God Bless the United States
God Bless The American Legion Family

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