8 February 2023

District 10 Department of Texas

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Election Rules Question

Please distribute to all Posts form the Department Judge Advocate

It is my opinion that due to the emergency, elections can be held at the earliest time meetings of 50 people can be held and that all members in good standing be given at least 15 days notice. The notice should include the fact that all nominations will be made from the floor.

Dan Corbin
State Judge Advocate

Good Afternoon Dan:

            As I mentioned in our discussion about canceling the Department Convention, there needs to be some guidance for posts on conducting meetings and holding elections; none has been forthcoming.    It is my understanding that we cannot conduct elections via teleconference – to include nominating at one meeting and voting at the next.  What are our options? – the CBL template you use is not clear unless  I have been looking in the wrong place.  Please provide guidance!

Al Alford
Commander, Fred Brock Post 828
State Historian
Department of Texas, American Legion
“Don’t Forget Our History.  It paves the way to the future.”

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