Mid-Winter Conference – C&BL

The results listed below indicate if the C&BL submitted for review by subject posts was approved or disapproved by the Department Judge Advocate at the mid-winter conference last week.

9th District:

Post 94 Jerome Michal                 Disapproved*
Post 129 Alvin                               Approved
Post 271 Ft Bend County             Approved
Post 942 Raymond Freeman        Approved

District 9                                       Approved

10th District:

Post 154 Kerlin-Lyerly                  Disapproved*
Post 177 Benton McCarley          Approved
Post 76 Travis                               Disapproved*

14th District:

Post 436 Atascosa County          Approved

15th District:

Post 101 Vermund Hansen         Disapproved*
Post 172 J.A.Garcia                    Approved
Post 189 Delta                            Approved
Post 408 Alfredo C Gonzalez     Disapproved*
Post 439 La Feria                        Approved

District 15                                    Approved

20th District:

Post 10 San Antonio                   Approved
Post 282 San Antonio                 Approved
Post 336 San Antonio                 Disapproved*
Post 539 St. Hedwig                   Approved
Post 612 Windcrest                    Disapproved*
Post 667 Universal City              Disapproved*
Post 828 Fred Brock                  Disapproved*

23rd District:

Post 357 Memorial                     Approved
Post 409 Reuben Willson          Approved
Post 850 Laredo                        Approved

The above indicates that the C&BL for 14 posts were approved and 9 were *disapproved due to not following the current Recommended Post C&BL template listed on the Department website
txlegion.org/forms under Post Forms. The C&BL for the 9th and 15th Districts were also approved.

Each district commander is requested to assist your posts that need to bring their C&BL up to date and that they follow the template listed on the Department website as indicated above. The C&BL for Districts 10, 14, 20 and 23 also need to be reviewed for compliance with the Legion Act and submit a revised edition to be reviewed at the July Department Convention.

Thanks to those posts and two districts who revised their C&BL and had them approved. Those that were disapproved need to be revised following the template and resubmit for approval.

Robert L. Masten
Commander, 3rd Division

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