8 February 2023

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No Touchy

By Clara Pon, Department of France, China Post 1 Auxiliary

No, I’m not referring to priceless paintings thousands of years old displayed in museums, the electric fence with its warning signs, or the tall holiday displays at department stores. I am talking about what you are not supposed to do with The American Legion emblem when you are using it in a design.

No “touchy” is National Judge Advocate Kevin Bartlett’s catch phrase when he gave a presentation to the 2019 National American Legion College class last November on the use of the emblem and the trademark name, The American Legion. What does it mean? It means that nothing can be touching any part of the emblem. There is no set distance away.

Take the new Department of California image as an example. The California silhouette is not touching the top or bottom of The American Legion emblem. It’s close enough and yet far enough to not violate the trademark and patent law. I was informed that California’s new image did get approved by American Legion National Headquarters for department use. Yes, the department must also request permission to use the emblem since the design was altered.

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