8 February 2023

District 10 Department of Texas

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National Headquarters’ Coronavirus Updates

To: All Legion Leadership

From: National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler

The American Legion has been closely monitoring this continually evolving national emergency, and we took the following steps today:

· The National Commander’s travel has now been suspended through April.
· We are told that the two campaigns for National Commander have suspended their travel through April.
· National Vice Commander and National HQ staff travel is suspended through April as well.
· Sons of The American Legion travel is suspended through April.

We are in the process of assessing the 2020 Spring Meetings considering the health concerns that are coming into play. For now, the following actions have been taken:
· Our current plan is that the NEC will still meet on Wednesday and Thursday. Therefore, the call in for National Officers, NEC, and Past National Commanders is still in effect for Wednesday and Thursday, May 6-7.
· Chairmen of the Americanism, Convention, Finance, Internal Affairs, Marketing, and Media & Communications Commissions, and members of the Advisory Committee to the National Commander, will be called in. These individuals will receive revised letters of authorization in the coming days.

· All commission meetings are canceled. All call-ins except those listed in blue above are canceled. Notices were mailed today to those that are affected by these cancellations.
· No others should plan to attend the 2020 spring meetings except for those listed in bold above. If you are not called in, DO NOT ATTEND.
· Hospitality suites for national commander candidates have been canceled.
· The national commander’s dinner in honor of the NEC (Wednesday evening) is canceled.

Many states are mandating that restaurants and/or bars close, and we have begun receiving calls from posts wondering how they should respond. As always, posts and departments should abide by their local authorities’ and/or government’s guidance and mandates.

National Commander Oxford has issued a statement on the Coronavirus: https://www.legion.org/commander/248559/national-commander-oxford-take-smart-approach-coronavirus

We veterans are used to adapting and overcoming. At some future point, the normal, everyday business of The American Legion will resume. I will stay in touch with Legion Leadership as situations continue to evolve. Until that time, please stay safe, and God Bless.

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