21 January 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Your 2021 Texas Boys State Update

Howdy Fellow Legionnaires!

With the official DEC vote complete this morning, we are excited to share some basics regarding your 2021 American Legion Texas Boys State (TXBS).

  1. Anticipated Dates:  27 June (Sunday) to 2 July (Friday) 2021.
    1. If you are not aware, most Texas schools shifted to the right, causing the school year to end later, thus pushing TXBS later June by necessity.
    2. The University of Texas has us penciled-in for the dates above.
    3. If we do the virtual experience, we anticipate doing so on these same dates.
  2. Program:  We are concurrently planning for both courses of action, onsite or virtual.
    1. Our default is onsite at The University of Texas at Austin, but we must prudently plan for the virtual experience as well.  As soon as world conditions allow us to make a final decision, we will immediately report to everyone.  We shall, however, let you know no later than 15 March 2021, if not sooner.
    2. Your TXBS—even when a virtual experience—still touches hearts and souls: 
      • “I have to admit that the program was one of the best things to ever happen to me.” 
      • “The memories I made, the people I met, and the priceless points of information that I learned made this week absolutely unforgettable and life-changing.”
      • “. . . allowed me to discover a determination that I didn’t know I had . . . “
      • “I learned that bringing people together and having them discuss issues civilly can solve many problems.”
  3. Tuition:
    1. Onsite @ UT Austin = $295 per Statesman
    2. Virtual Experience = $100 per Statesman
  4. Your Cutting-Edge 2020 Program.
    1. As you are likely very aware, your Texas led-from-the-front and was one of only 2 programs in the entire Country to conduct Boys State this year.  Our Department should stand very proud.  You made a difference in the lives of the 2020 cohort of Statesmen.
    2. Should you have any doubts about the power of the virtual experience, please read the two attached documents.  You hear directly from Statesmen and counselors on how powerful and meaningful the experience was.  The purposes of this very special Legion program were directly met, just in a new, innovative way.  Friends for life.  Growth.  Scuffing their elbows and having to grow.  Appreciation for our Country and State.  Building Servant Leaders.
    3. Read and assess for yourselves!
  5. Your Mission.  Your primary mission has not changed!  Please continue to select the absolute best talent from across the State for the honor of this experience.  Thank you for the very hard work you do at the Posts, year after year, bringing us premier young leaders to have this transformative experience.  And we only touched about 11% of Texas schools this year, so the wider you can cast your net with local schools, the better!  Bring it on!
  6. Documentary Impact.  We are already receiving requests to register for the 2021 TXBS journey.  We anticipate higher Statesmen numbers this year, so we thank you in advance for the heavy-lifting you will do finding exceptional talent.  Other states have also reported that the documentary is having a positive impact on their programs as well.

More later.  Your TXBS Executive Committee just wanted to push you these basics right away.

Warmest Regards,

Casey Z. Thomas
Chairman, American Legion Texas Boys State



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