26 June 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Ladies and Gentlemen of the DEC,

Just wanted to take a few seconds of your time to piggyback off of the message sent a few days ago by our Texas Boys State Chairman. In addition to the administrative staff building the virtual program from scratch over the last few months, we city counselors have trained for the last few weeks to launch one of only two virtual Boys State programs occurring this year. Texas is standing in the door first (as it should be), followed by the teeny-weenie state of Rhode Island. Thank you again for voting for Virtual Texas Boys State. It may be a little bumpy in the beginning but we will get through this upcoming week with pride and grace, and set the standard for others to emulate. 

If you decide to follow a couple of the 700 young men after they complete our elite program, you may quickly observe the return on your investment and the wisdom of your decision as they negotiate the political landscape, their careers, service to the nation and life. Your vote has armed our young Texans with the tools that will set them apart from the competition. We teach a lot of things during the week but for me personally the most important things we teach and/or they learn are civil discourse, how to master their fear, outsmart their opponent and never yield…even to themselves. When they internalize these lessons, they will be changed forever. I realize that I sound like a recruiting commercial but let me remind you that a few of our alumni include Neil Armstrong, Jon Bon Jovi, Cory Booker, Tom Brokaw, Garth Brooks, Dick Cheney, Chris Christie, Wesley Clark, Bill Clinton, Tim Cook, Tom Daschle, Lou Dobbs, Steve Doocy, Michael Dukakis, Roger Ebert, Phil Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, Trent Lott, Sam Nunn, George Pataki, Harry Reid, Rick Perry, Bruce Springsteen and Scott Walker.

Tip of the (virtual) spear!

Very Respectfully,

Joseph Campbell
12th District Commander
Texas Boys State Birkhead City Senior Counselor 
Boys Nation Jefferson Section Senior Counselor

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