26 June 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Post Information Report

The Post Information Report was updated on the txlegion.org website last Friday April 3rd. Please review this to see how your district is doing regarding these required reports. This was an area that our division was deficient in at the start of this membership year so we collectively need to do better this year. I have outlined this updated report below and please assist your posts in getting these reports in on time:


Report 9th10th14th15th20th23rd
Post Data Report*1636364
20/21 Certification of Post Officers***302202
Post C&BL (either none or outdated)****311667710
*Due 15 April
**Due 1 June
***Due 10 days after election and ensure both pages are completed and sent.
****Updated version should be sent to the Department for review during the July Convention.

Robert L. Masten
Commander, 3rd Division

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