26 June 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

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Post 345 Transfers

We all know that the lifeblood of any post is their membership and obtaining new members to The Legion should always be one of our goals. Another avenue for increased membership is through transferring members of Post 345 into your post.

If a member of Post 345 has already paid their 2020 dues then that member will immediately count toward your membership and will be listed under HQ Trans 2020.  If last paid 2019 dues then that member will count only after paying their 2020 dues to your post.

A review of yesterday’s membership posting by the Department revealed the following in reference to what transfers from Post 345 can mean to your post, district, and division by comparing the 13th District of the 1st Division with the 15th District of the 3rd Division as they both have comparable goals.

The 13th District with their 18 posts have a total HQ Trans 2020 of 335 transfers or a total percentage of 104.02 and leading the Department. If they only had 18 transfers like the 15th District their percentage would be 84.09.

The 15th District with their 15 posts has a total HQ Trans 2020 of 18 transfers for a total percentage of 84.80. If they had 335 transfers like the 13th District their percentage would be 104.30 and they would be leading the Department.

The purpose of the above comparison is to show how Post 345 transfers can increase your post membership. Each post is encouraged to use their mylegion.org tool to see those Post 345 members in your area. After logging on, look under the Reports/Labels>Post Reports>Revitalization> then use either Find Members in My area by distance OR Find Members in My area by ZIP.

Another tool available under mylegion.org is to use the Project Stay Active by Area which is under the Revitalization. This reflects all current members who have transferred into your area by entering your post zip code and the distance you want to search.

Happy Hunting for those members who will want to transfer to your post when you tell them that their Post 345 dues will be increasing on 1 July to $50 vs. what your post dues are so they can save money by transferring.

Please contact your district commander if you need assistance in this area or you may contact me.

Robert L. Masten
Commander, 3rd Division

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