18 May 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Our Finest Hours

Please review the message below from the Department Commander. Unfortunately, he is not getting any response from the Governor’s Office regarding the opening of those posts with canteens and is still reaching out. He has also offered advice on what some options are in paragraph 3. I have found that there are different criteria depending on the community your post is in and the local TABC agent.

Highly recommend you continue to work on your programs and conduct Buddy Checks with your members to ensure nobody is missed who may need assistance. I know we have had some members within our division who have been affected by COVID-19. 

We must continue to work this as a Legion Family knowing that we will get through this together.

Robert L. Masten
3rd Division Commander

I have sent 3 requests to Governor Abbott asking for a conference call so we could figure out a way to open all The American Legion posts in the state.  I have not received a response from his office yet.  

Not all our posts are closed; only those with canteens are closed.  The Founding Fathers did not create this great organization to open canteens.  The Founding Fathers created the Four Pillars.  Working the Four Pillars is what makes this a great organization.  This should be our finest hours. Those with canteens must work around the issues of being closed because of their TABC license.  The canteen is not The American Legion.  The American Legion is the Four Pillars.  That is why we are here and all posts can still work the programs and assist our 1.7 million veterans in the State of Texas.  We can still be doing our buddy checks.  The buddy checks are the most important things that we can do during this incredibly stressful time.  I know of several members and/or their family members that have been affected by COVID-19.  The truth is:  we all have been affected by COVID-19.  Not all of us have been sick but there is the stress of the situation that has touched all of us.  Keep checking on our comrades to make sure they are alright.  Buddy checks are essential during this time.  Check on the Members of the American Legion Family.  The American Legion Auxiliary and The Sons of The American Legion have always been there to assist us.  We are all in this together.

The Department of Texas will continue to reach out to the Governor’s office.  The posts with TABC licenses will have to make their own decisions about their future.  The best advice I can offer at this time is to contact the TABC agent in your area and find out what your options are.  At the same time, contact your senator or congressperson and let them know how you feel.  It appears that the options vary from area to area depending on the TABC agent.  The most common option is to surrender the TABC license.  This decision can only be made by the post’s membership.  

All posts should be working the programs whether they are closed by TABC or not.  We have ‘Oratorical’ and ‘Get Out to Vote’ that each post should be working on.  As post commander, have you notified your chairpersons to start on these programs?  Make the Founding Fathers proud of what we can accomplish during this stressful time and make this our finest hours.

Thank you for your service.

Jeff Perkins
State Commander
Department of Texas

God Bless the United States
God Bless The American Legion Family
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