18 May 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

One Month Difference

As you are aware, 1 June was the cutoff date for the 2020 membership awards but that does not mean you stop trying to get members. The final 2020 membership numbers are listed for 30 June. The below statistics reveal how each of our districts did between the 1 June and 30 June dates. Thanks to each of you, the 3rd Division had the biggest increase during this period which indicates that neither you nor your post commanders stopped working membership.

District1 June30 JuneDifference
3rd Div1705492.781724193.79+187*

*Biggest increase during this period of the 4 Divisions. 1st Div =139; 2d Div =129 and 4th Div = 62.

With that being the first day of the last half of 2020, the brand new 2021 membership is now underway. Thanks to each of you for what you have done to help our veterans, their families, and your community.

Robert L. Masten
Commander, 3rd Division

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