18 May 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Membership Update for April 24, 2020

After todays posting on the National mylegion.org website, the top 10 Districts of our Department are listed below:

1st107.0413th Dist1st Div
2nd105.8921st Dist4th Div
3rd100.705th Dist1st Div
4th94.3214th Dist3rd Div
5th93.0520th Dist3rd Div
6th92.0210th Dist3rd Div
7th91.657th Dist2nd Div
8th91.566th Dist2nd Div
9th91.3812th Dist1st Div
10th90.7115th Dist3rd Div
13th89.379th Dist1st Div
22nd76.6523rd Dist1st Div

Still have 4 of our districts in the top 10. Thanks go out to all of you for keeping up with membership during these difficult times. Remember 1 June is the deadline for this year’s posting of membership – only 38 days away.

Robert L. Masten

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