18 May 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Interesting Statistic Comparison

Please review the below statistics and note there appears to be a correlation between the final percent of goal with those districts that really worked the new members and transfers compared with those districts that did not:

District            %Goal           New Members        HQ Trans
14th                 96.05                    150                     79
20th                 94.74                    340                    267
10th                 93.15                    188                      59
15th                 91.63                    101                      21
 9th                  90.90                   142                     19
23rd                 77.83                     16                       0

Something to consider when the 2021 membership begins on July 1st. Thanks for all of your hard work during this past membership year.

Robert L. Masten
Commander, 3rd Division

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