18 May 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

Final Fiscal Year Vouchers

We are quickly approaching the end of the fiscal year. 

With the National Convention having been canceled for this year, there is no reason final submissions for use of budgeted funds be submitted to the Headquarters by Tuesday, August 18th.  This will assist us in the next upcoming task of preparing the next year’s budget recommendation.  

Additionally, once we hit August 31st, all Division and District Finance Officers should be able to finalize the needed spreadsheet.  As a reminder, the sample can be found on txlegion.org/forms then scroll down to “Div/Dist Finance Statements”.  Please remember to change the dates and that there are three tabs at the bottom left–Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Check Register.  If there are any non-Chase bank accounts, we also need the September 2019 bank statement and the August 31st bank statement.

Appreciate everyone’s efforts in these matters.


David J Paris
State Treasurer

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