26 June 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

CPR Submissions

As indicated on the National website “This is “US” when the National Commander testifies on behalf of The American Legion. When we speak Collectively, our Strength is Magnified. Are you Proud to Be a Member of the World’s Largest Veteran’s Organization. Let That Pride Show In Your Completed Consolidated Post Report”.

Post Commanders – Be proud of your post and what it does. It is easy to submit this report through mylegion.org where it goes direct to National who then forwards it to Department. If you need assistance please contact your District Commander or me. You are the key to the submission of a report that includes figures that go all the way to Congress. As the Department Commander has indicated, the National Commander is depending on each of you so please don’t let him down.

District Commanders – Please contact those posts that have not submitted the CPR and request they get them in asap but NLT July 1st. (Department Commander has asked that you furnish the current status of your district to him by June 25th and please CC me on that report).

As of June 11th, the Department reflects the following figures regarding submission of the CPR for this year by the following districts. Although the Department deadline of June 1st has passed, there are still 17 days remaining to get them in by the National deadline of July 1st.

9th District:  33 of 48 submitted.
10th District: 17 of 32 submitted.
14th District: 14 of 21 submitted.
15th District: 7 of 15 submitted.
20th District: 16 of 19 submitted.
23rd District: 5 of 15 submitted.

3rd Division total: 92 of 148 submitted (62%).

Robert L. Masten
Commander, 3rd Division

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