26 June 2022

District 10 Department of Texas

Still Serving America

CPR Submission – Second Request

Again a message from the Department Commander requesting support to get all post CPR’s submitted by the National deadline of 1 July. The previous email sent to all of you on June 14 is listed below to include the updated figures as of today. During the five workdays this week between Monday and Friday, only 6 additional CPR’s have been submitted. We are now down to 12 days to get this completed. 

I truly believe that without your personal intervention with each Post Commander who has not submitted their CPR the goal of 100% or close to it will not be achieved. I know we are all volunteers and you cannot force somebody to do something but a little help from their district commanders goes along way in getting posts to submit required reports and help them if needed. 

Most posts already know that the easiest and fastest way to submit the CPR is through their mylegion.org site but some still prefer to do it by the actual paper form so for those personnel I have attached a copy in the event there may be some who don’t know how to find it.

The National Commander, Department Commander and I are counting on each of you to work this and let me know if you need help. The Legion is counting on each post to complete and submit this most important form.

Robert L. Masten
Commander, 3rd Division

Good morning, everyone,

I just received a report from National stating the Department of Texas is at 60% for CPR’s being submitted.  We still have twelve days to get more of them into National using MyLegion.org.  Please work with your district commanders to have more posts submitting their CPR’s.  Please have them contact the post commanders by telephone and urge each post to submit the CPR’s.  The National Commander is still hoping for 100% before he goes in front of Congress.

Thank you for your service

Jeff Perkins
State Commander
Department of Texas
God Bless the United States
God Bless The American Legion Family

9th District:  33 of 48 submitted.      33 of 46 – no change.

10th District: 17 of 32 submitted.       20 of 32 – plus 3.

14th District: 14 of 21 submitted.       14 of 21 – no change.

15th District: 7 of 15 submitted.           7 of 15 – no change.

20th District: 16 of 19 submitted.       19 of 19 – plus 3 and100%.

23rd District: 5 of 15 submitted.           5 of 15 – no change.

3rd Division total: 92 of 148 submitted (62%).  98 of 148 (66%).

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